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The Four Seasons

Throughout the year depending on the season, we welcome different bus tours, organized each year by groups from various parts of Italy and beyond. We offer our clients the best of what our mountain has to offer from each season: wild mushrooms, chestnuts, local cheeses and meats, as well as of course, the best wines and olio extravergine di oliva.

Autunno - During the Autumn many groups come for the seasonal “sballottolata”, a lunch consisting of traditional “amiantine” dishes, such as: lasagne, tortelloni, polenta with roasted mushrooms, followed by roasted chestnuts and boiled chestnuts in vin santo, a local desert wine similar to Port. After lunch begins the dancing, accompanied by occordian music.

Inverno - The Winter brings groups of skiers and snowboarders to enjoy the 12 slopes on Monte Amiata, as well as, groups of cross country skiers. La Settimana Bianca, or Snow Week is a tradition for school kids of all ages. The mountain hosts various professional ski schools, providing both group and private lessons.

Primavera - Spring brings with it all of the bloom of wild flowers and cherry blossoms. It begins the season of bike trips and weekend hiking trips.

Estate - The Summer is decidedly one of our busiest seasons. As hotel is 650 Meters above sea level, our clients come to enjoy the favorable climate. Many pass their afternoons walking along the mountain trails, enjoying the fresh air and cool shade under the beech and chestnut groves, searching for mushrooms, wild strawberries and rasberries.